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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 7, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- jesse eisenberg. star of "ophan black," actress tatiana maslany. author chuck klosterman. featuring the 8g band with jon theodore. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] good to hear. very good to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. according to a new poll, a majority of americans say they would not sleep with donald trump for $1 million. [ laughter ] well, of course, nobody sleeps with him for $1 million.
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donald trump is continuing to draw criticism for his claims that judge gonzalo curiel's mexican heritage makes him unfit to preside over a lawsuit against trump university, despite the fact that curiel was born and raised in indiana. and when trump found that out, he said, "oh, no, he's an indian, too?" [ laughter ] in an interview on friday, cnn's jake tapper asked donald trump the same question 23 times after feeling he was continually dodging it. the question was, "what are your sons' names?" [ laughter ] "uh -- greasy and slick. [ laughter ] slick junior." [ light laughter ] donald trump is also attracting criticism after he singled out a black supporter at a rally on friday and told the crowd, "look at my african-american," which is clearly racist, but also, you should know his name by now. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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michelle obama on friday gave her final college commencement address as first lady to graduates of the city college of new york. her advice to female graduates, "go ahead and marry that stoner you met in college. it could work out." [ laughter ] hillary clinton won this weekend's puerto rico democratic primary, meaning bernie got his hair done for nothing. [ laughter ] [ applause ] there it is. while campaigning in california, ahead of tomorrow's primary, bernie sanders yesterday stopped at a los angeles bar popular among the lgbt community. said sanders, "no! i said i wanted a blt! [ laughter ] what's the 'g' for? it better not be guacamole because that costs an arm and a leg. and i don't know if you've heard but i'm not a millionaire or a billionaire!" [ laughter ]
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today is the start of ramadan, the islamic holy month where muslims fast from dawn until dusk. and for those americans not familiar with the meaning behind it, fasting means to not eat. [ laughter ] a cloth bearing a drop of blood from pope john paul ii has been stolen, begging the question, what is nicolas cage up to now? [ laughter ] we need the pope's blood. and finally -- stealing samberg's impression of cage. [ laughter ] "we need the pope's blood." and finally -- stealing samberg's impression of cage. [ light laughter ] "we need the pope's blood! [ light laughter ] listen to me, seth meyers." and finally, officials have approved a set of new emojis, including things like a cowboy and a cucumber, so finally you can properly text someone, "want to watch 'brokeback mountain'?" [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have -- [ applause ] -- a great show for you tonight.
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from the new film "now you see me 2," he's a fantastic actor, he's a good friend, jesse eisenberg is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] so happy he's back. from the fantastic bbc america show, "orphan black," tatiana maslany is back on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and he's the author of the new book "but what if we're wrong?: thinking about the present as if it were the past." chuck klosterman is on the show. and i am holding the book up correctly. [ laughter ] as will be explained when chuck comes out. before we get to all our fantastic guests, as we mentioned, donald trump today ordered his supporters to continue attacking the judge overseeing a class action lawsuit against him regarding his defunct real estate education program, trump university. some have called trump's attacks racist while others have called them very racist. [ laughter ] and now gop leaders are squirming as they try to condemn trump while also continuing to support him. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so there's been a lot of talk about trump and lawsuits recently. even trump tweeted this on thursday, "wow, 'usa today' did today's cover story on my record in lawsuits. verdict, 450 wins, 38 losses. isn't that what you want for your president?" i got to be honest, i don't know if i do want a president with 488 lawsuits because that's the number sticking in my head, not your win/loss record. if someone said, "i've been on maury povich 55 times but i've only been the father twice --" [ laughter ] i wonder about the 55. now, the current lawsuit that's getting all the attention regards trump university. first, some specifics of the case itself. trump university was founded in 2005, promising to teach people how to make money off of real estate. but as "the washington post" reported it wasn't even a university or even a school. it was just a series of seminars held in hotel ballrooms across the country that promised
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quick but were mostly devoted to enriching the people that ran them. they held seminars in hotels and called it a university. so it basically had the same logic as going to a holiday inn express for medical school. >> you're not dr. stewart. >> no. but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night. [ laughter ] >> seth: so now trump university is the subject of two class-action lawsuits by thousands of students who claim they were defrauded and a separate suit filed by the new york attorney general. and last week a judge in one of those cases ordered the release of internal trump university documents that reveal some of the unsavory methods salesmen used to convince clients to buy trump university products. >> newly released court documents reveal damning accusations against the man who, in a little more than a month, will officially become the republican nominee for president. >> these court documents, filled with former trump university staffers calling it a scheme and a fraud and a, quote, "total lie." >> the documenls
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sales team to push hard to enroll students even when they were financially strapped, down even to single mother of three who, quote, "may need money for food." >> seth: they targeted single mothers who needed money for food. even bernie madoff was like, "whoa, dog. that's not cool." [ laughter ] and i know you're thinking bernie madoff doesn't say "dog," but he might now. [ laughter ] but the sales techniques weren't the only questionable part of trump university. there were also the instructors who trump promised to hand pick, but as a former trump university employee told "the washington post," quote, "the trump university instructors and mentors were a joke." and in true trump style, not only were they a joke but many of them had gone through bankruptcy themselves. >> cbs news found three of those instructors had previously filed for bankruptcy. others, like smith's instructor james harris -- >> people call me the money motivator. >> -- were motivational speakers paid on commission to sell additional trump training. >> seth: you know it's never a good sign when your teacher looks like he's wearing a guy fieri halloween costume.
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[ laughter ] in fact, that same instructor told "the washington post," quote, "here is the truth. when i was at trump university i had not one interaction with him ever, not one." i get the feeling if trump becomes president we're gonna be hearing that a lot from his cabinet. "i tried to go to the oval office for a meeting but the bouncer said they only let in nines and higher." [ laughter ] and when trump was personally named in the lawsuit, how did he, the man who claimed he would be directly involved in hand picking the instructors, respond? >> first, he says, you know, "i'm going to hand pick your professors. i'm intimately involved." >> that's what he tells the customers. >> "i'm gonna teach you." that's what he tells the customers. then when he gets sued personally his lawyers immediately move to remove him personally, and their language is he was largely absent from the company. >> seth: he was largely absent. his name was on it. that's like tyler perry claiming he had nothing to do with tyler perry's madea. [ laughter ] or madea claiming she had nurthing to der with tyler perry. [ laughter ] and if your name is on the
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the decency to show up -- graduation to give the commencement speech. >> congratulations. >> you're -- >> all -- >> losers. [ laughter ] >> seth: "now come on up and get your diplomas. [ applause ] there's a bar mitzvah in this room. [ humming "pomp & circumstance" ]♪ hurry it up." so those are just some of the claims at stake in these lawsuits. but rather than respond to the substance of those allegations, trump has decided to go after the judge presiding over the class action lawsuit personally in a way that can only be described as incredibly racist. >> donald trump is escalating his attacks on the federal judge overseeing the fraud lawsuits against trump university. trump telling "the wall street journal" that indiana-born judge gonzalo curiel's mexican heritage presents a, quote, "absolute conflict," saying, quote, "i'm building a wall. it's an inherent conflict of interest." >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no. i don't think so at all. >> no? >> no, he's proud of his he
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i respect him for that. >> but you're saying he can't do his job because of that. >> look, he's proud of his heritage. okay? i'm building a wall. >> seth: "i also, you know, i also think there's a conflict of interest because as a judge, he's naturally prejudiced against liars and conmen and that's simply not fair to me." [ laughter ] now to be clear, claiming that someone cannot do their job because of their race is by definition racism, period. and perhaps most entertaining, trump unleashed this rhetoric just as many members of the gop finally caved in and voiced their support for him. and now as punishment they've had to do their best to dodge when confronted with trump's latest racist outburst. >> he says that when he questions whether the judge can be fair because of his mexican heritage, that is not racist. do you agree? >> look, i don't condone the comments, and we can press on to another topic. >> the nominee from your party who you have endorsed has said that this man is incapable of doing his job as a federal judge because of e
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>> first off, i don't really think that's what mr. trump said. >> he's essentially said he cannot be impartial because he's hispanic. that's a -- is that not a racist statement? >> i couldn't disagree more with a statement like that. >> is it a racist statement? >> i couldn't disagree more with what he had to say. [ light laughter ] >> okay. but do you -- why -- will you -- do you think it's a racist statement? >> i don't agree with what he had to say. [ laughter ] >> seth: but maybe the most ridiculous reaction from a gop leader came from house speaker paul ryan, the man who's been hailed in the media as the gop savior, a serious leader who can unite the party, broaden its appeal, and focus on substance. ryan endorsed trump on thursday just in time to get asked about trump's racist attack on judge curiel, and said this. >> look, the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field from my mind. >> seth: out of left field? trump built his entire political career on questioning the legitimacy of the first black president. on trump's baseball card, his position is left field
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[ laughter ] and trump won't release his stats but the back of the card says, "they're amazing, trust me, everyone says so." [ laughter ] i mean poor -- [ applause ] poor paul ryan. he waited and waited and waited. and this happened basically the day he finally endorsed trump. paul ryan is like a guy who is having a party. his friend calls and said, "hey, can i bring my dog to your party?" and paul ryan says, "no, 'cause your dog will take a dump on my rug." and he says, "no, i promise, he's house trained now." and paul ryan says, "i don't know man." his friend said, "please!" and finally ryan says, "fine." and long story short, paul ryan is in west elm right now buying a new [ bleep ] rug. [ laughter ] republicans can't pretend to suddenly be shocked and offended. this is who trump was well before this latest outburst. and this is who they're lining up to support. so remember this, when trump inevitably tries to convince you that he's not a racist, like he did at a rally just last week --
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african-american guy who is a fan of mine. great fan, great guy. in fact i want to find out what's going on with him. you know what i'm -- oh, look at my african-american over here. look at him. >> seth: "look at my african-american over here." and you too can have african-american friends just like me if you enroll in my new seminar, "how to get the african-americans to love you, trump style," at the radisson by the airport. this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we'll be right back with jesse eisenberg. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, very excited this week. sitting in with the 8g band, one of our favorite drummers to have here on the show, from queens of the stone age, jon theodore is back. [ cheers and applause ] welcome, jon. >> thank you. >> seth: so happy you're here. always a pleasure. our first guest tonight is an academy award-nominated actor who you know from such films as "the social network" and "batman versus superman." he's reprising his role as illusionist j. daniel atlas in the upcoming film "now you see me 2," which opens in theaters june 10th. let's take a look. >> i'm going to try to control the weather. [ cheers and applause ] it would be a little difficult to make it rain. right? that would be something that only god can do, right? i'm going to do something that
12:55 am
god can't do. i'm not just going to make it clear up. no, no, no, no. i'm going to make it actually stop. [ cheers ] ♪ can god do that? no, i don't think so. or what about make it -- make it go up? ♪ [ cheers ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, jesse eisenberg. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: what a delight to see you again. >> you too. thank you so much for having me. >> seth: we are very -- i'm very honored you came back. you're basically doing a day of press, because you're doing a play in london right now. >> yes, i have a flight in like two hours. >> seth: so you're not that stressed out. i would be stressed if i had a flight in two hours. >> no, i'm just always stressed, so i manage to kind of just keep it -- >> s y
12:56 am
>> seth: so you're doing this play you wrote, and you're in it as well. >> yes. >> seth: and how is it going? so you did it in new york and now you're doing london. does it feel different to you? >> yes. you know, i wrote it. i'm a new yorker. and it takes place in new york. it's about people in new york. but, for some reason the london audience seems to like it more. i don't know. i think we're benefitting from being, like, a novelty in a town where everything is in shakespearean english, and finally they can understand our language. even though we have accents. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i also know you're a big nba fan. finals going on, very difficult to watch because of the time difference. are you managing at all? >> no, i'm not managing at all. no, but i have this strange, like, almost like maternal, like, intuition. you know like when a mom wakes up five minutes before the baby wakes up? >> seth: yeah. >> i'm, like, waking up in the middle of the night to check the score when the game is live in america. and like, i don't know how my unconscious is telling me, like, "you gotta get up. the game is happening." so, like i'll get up in the middle of the night, i'll check the score and i'll like fall back asleep. it's the strangest thing. it's like a maternal instinct for nothing of benefit to anybody.
12:57 am
[ light laughter ] >> yes. yes, it's -- >> seth: and they don't -- and unlike a mom, i feel like the baby appreciates that the mom woke up. >> that's right. >> seth: but i don't think the golden state warriors give a [ bleep ] that you -- >> no, no, no. [ light laughter ] >> seth: woke up for them. >> i'll e-mail them in the morning, say, "i just want you to know i checked on you in the middle of the night. i'm really exhausted now. but don't worry, i knew what was happening at half time." >> seth: and i'm very proud of you. >> no response. no response. >> seth: nothing? nothing? >> nothing. >> seth: last time you we were talking about, we were talking about -- you were about to embark on playing lex luthor. that's happened now. >> right. >> seth: a bunch of people have seen that film. has your interaction with fans changed post-being lex luthor in a film? >> yes, i would say it went down about 60 years. i used to get approached by, like, only jewish grandmothers who wanted to feed me on the street. [ laughter ] that was exclusively my interaction with strangers, is they bring me soup. and now it's like young kids who kind of actually kind of avoid me on the street, 'cause my character was the villain. so now the old women -- those people have probably died, frankly. [ laughter ] and the young men avoid me. so i have a very lonely life righ
12:58 am
you can walk to and fro without any interruption at all. >> yes. that's it. i'm very hungry. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, i want to ask about this film. this is a huge cast. sequel as well. and, you know, woody harrelson, dave franco, lizzy caplan, morgan freeman. with big casts, is it true that -- you -- 'cause you're doing a lot of press for the film. do you get asked all the time if there are pranks on set? >> that's almost the only question i get asked. like, "what pranks did you guys pull?" and i -- "none" is the answer, of course. but the other answer is when does anybody pull pranks ever anywhere? like the last time i heard of a prank happening was on "leave it to beaver." no one does that. and we're all like adults, and like, uh -- >> seth: working. you have a job. >> yes. and it's so strange. i think it's like a movie industry thing to ask. like, "what pranks happened on set?" but like it's like any other job. my dad's like a college teacher. no one asks him, like, "hey, did the sociology professor put a whoopee cushion under the anthropology table?" [ laughter ] like no one would ask him that.
12:59 am
though. >> who is that? >> seth: clooney. 'cause i feel like clooney was like such a famous prankster that then -- >> george clooney? >> seth: george clooney. he's the reason you're being asked about pranks. >> oh, really? >> seth: yeah. >> oh, god, now i feel horrible that i offended the most important person in the film industry. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i don't think -- look. again, there's an assumption there, a, that he's watching this. [ laughter ] >> i told him and the golden state warriors i'm on tonight. >> seth: i think we're okay. i think we're okay. [ light laughter ] the other thing, of course, you play a magician. >> right. >> seth: and i imagine people now ask you to do tricks. >> right. >> seth: because they assume that you actually learned it. >> i know how to do everything that the characters do in the movie, but i can't do it. like, the difference is like the guys who i -- like the characters who we play in the movie, they would have been practicing magic in front of a mirror since they were five years old, ten hours a day. and the guys who are magic consultants in the movie, the guys who actually do this stuff, that's how they live. you know, since they're five years old, they're practicing every day. and we had like two weeks. so like i'm -- so you caik
1:00 am
kind of use your imagination to extrapolate how good that actually makes me, which is to say terrible. >> seth: right. >> yes. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and i would feel that you as a magician just -- you wouldn't be a good magician. >> i'm a terrible magician. >> seth: i also feel like you would feel bad about tricking people. >> that's exactly it. [ laughter ] i'm riddled with guilt. and so that applies to everything in my life. and so when i'm doing a trick, halfway through the trick i'll apologize, and at the end of the trick i'll tell them how i did it. [ laughter ] because i can't live with myself knowing that i know something they don't know. >> seth: and then i would imagine that you'd follow up and apologize once you realize that by telling them you had now -- >> i've ruined the entertainment. >> seth: ruined it. >> yes, exactly. that i usually take care of with card and flowers. >> seth: oh, right. >> i feel like it's not enough just with the verbal apology. >> seth: you have a -- is it this week's "new yorker" your short -- your piece of humor --? >> i had something in, like, last week. >> seth: it's great. >> thanks. >> seth: where you're dating a little mermaid. i highly recommend it. >> oh, that's true. >> seth: and i think your writing is really funny. and you wrote a piece -- what is it, last year i guess now? >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
1:01 am
where it was a critic reviewing a movie. >> that's right. >> seth: and it was very funny but a lot of critics then took it as a slam on them. >> on film critics, yes. which it's the exact opposite. i wrote a piece where it's a guy reviewing a movie but it's -- clearly he's just kind of using the film review to talk about his own personal gripes and insecurities. and it's really about how we exploit different forums for our own -- you know, to release our own and exorcise our own personal demons. so, no it was a criticism of people who would use film critics and exploit them for that kind of thing. but yes they hated me on the internet. >> seth: it is interesting because i am -- you know, i was a huge fan of criticism, and continue to be. i think they're great critical writers. and then of course, the first time they're critical of you, you say, well, i don't care for this anymore. but it was interesting to me that they were -- if they saw it as critical of them and then they were hurt by criticism. >> yes. and i would agree with you except i'd be worried about what peop w
1:02 am
but no, i think you're right. and i think -- >> seth: well, i think we all though, as human beings, like -- i think we can all value it and say, when we step back, say, "oh, that is either a very funny piece of writing" or "that is a fair assessment of a piece of work i was in if i step away from it." i think it's just a funny thing that any time it becomes personal we just don't like hearing it. >> and we naturally become defensive. >> seth: yeah. i'm very defensive. >> sure, sure. that's why i'm sitting on this side. [ light laughter ] >> seth: the last time you were here you moved the chair right here. >> that's right. but today i felt i'd be threatened. >> seth: well, it's -- and now you're lex luthor. so i feel a little threatened, too. that's why -- >> no suit. >> seth: thank you so much for being back. such a pleasure to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] jesse eisenberg, everybody. "now you see me 2"opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with tatiana maslany. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is an emmy and golden globe-nominated actress who stars in the critically acclaimed series, "orphan black." the fourth season is airing thursday nights on bbc america. let's take a look. >> want to give us a second? >> yeah. >> okay. >> next time you want to talk to me, don't come at me through my kid. >> she's lov
1:07 am
sorry we left on bad terms. >> yeah, i thought you'd pissed off to enjoy your cool three mill. >> 3.7. it's well invested. >> hi. i'm christina. >> oh, sorry. >> don't worry about it. if you want to keep it on, i think it's funny. >> beth told me about you. how's your illness? >> um, you know, incurable. so, that sucks. >> seth: please welcome back to the show tatiana maslany. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: so lovely to see you again. >> nice to be back. >> seth: so, i love this show. we talked about it last time you were here. you play a bunch of different characters. >> yes. >> seth: obviously we can tell from the clip. that's just three of them. there are more than even that. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: i have to imagine when you auditioned for the show it was incredibly daunting. how many of characters did you have to do then? >> i d
1:08 am
so, i did sarah, sarah as beth, cosima, and alison. >> seth: gotcha. >> so those are the four i knew about. and then they threw a bunch more at me. >> seth: was that more nerve-racking than a normal audition? like, when you went in for that, how did you prepare for that? >> i was so terrified. i was so terrified for -- it was just such a challenge. so i -- i like tried to make myself feel better by roller blading to my audition. >> seth: wow. >> like a very cool person would do. >> seth: yeah. >> and i like pulled up to the audition drenched in sweat. like hobbling on roller blades and like all the execs are standing there having cigarettes. and it was like, "cool." [ light laughter ] >> seth: i will say, when someone confidently roller blades past me, i think, "this person is more confident than i will ever be." >> right. [ light laughter ] that's what i was going for. >> seth: i'm killing it. >> just floppin' around. yeah. >> seth: when you found out, was that an exciting call? when you found out that you got this, you know, role unlike any other? >> yeah, oh, it was crazy. i was in sudbury, ontario, which is like a small mining town in
1:09 am
>> seth: doing some mining. >> just doing some casual mining. >> seth: yep, sure. >> got a call down in the mines. we have reception there. >> seth: you get service down there? wow. >> yeah, it's very good, actually. >> seth: the mines are so much better now. >> they are really good. [ light laughter ] and the call was just like -- the person on the phone was like, "is sarah there?" i was like, "oh, no, i'm sorry, no." she's like, "is beth there?" i was like, "no, no, no. i'm so sorry you have the wrong number." she's like, "is allison there?" i was, "oh, no" -- and then i realized those are all the character names. she was naming them. it was my agent. i got the part. >> seth: that's fantastic. what a great way -- what a great way of telling. and to think, like, a different actress would have gotten it right away and so much better. [ laughter ] how exciting for her that she got to get three names in. >> exactly. exactly. >> seth: now, did you -- because now they're up to -- it's a dozen at least, i would say, do you ever hope that some of them get killed off just so -- you do? [ light laughter ] >> yes! >> seth: okay. >> i'm alwyas like -- they add a new one, i'm like, "are we killing three others?" [ light laughter ] but no. >> seth: gotcha.
1:10 am
heart when it comes to those characters. >> i'm vicious. i'm vicious. i'm just like, murder them all. >> seth: the fans for this show, obviously, an incredibly intense fan base. [ scattered cheers ] there's -- >> there's one of them. there's the two. >> seth: the second. [ applause ] obviously intense. here, let me show you how intense by this one solitary woo. >> yeah, woo! [ light laughter ] >> seth: but you obviously have to do public appearances. you do things like comic-con. they ask you incredibly specific questions. sometimes -- what do you do when you get a question that you haven't thought about yourself? >> make it all up. i mean, they know things that we don't know about the characters. they've studied it way more in depth than we have. we learn about our show from the audience. which is amazing. >> seth: and do you -- like do you admit that over the course of that? or do you sort of pretend and say, "oh, that's -- you nailed it. that's exactly right." >> i'm like, "that's exactly what i was going for. i was thinking of body autonomy for sure." [ light laughter ] no, but it is like a great dialogue that we have. and their -- the way they see
1:11 am
influenced how we've moved forward and the sort of things we focus on. >> seth: that's fantastic. this was fantastic as well. there was a dance party scene. now, obviously, in this still four of those are you. so you did a dance party. how was the actual filming of this? was it just you dancing alone? >> super embarrassing, yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. i think like these three were with people, and then this one in the back -- who is the loose cannon -- was all by herself. her name is helena, she's a serial killer. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and she was having her first, like, girls dance party. so she really went for it. and i was all by myself in a room. with, like, 40 crew watching. >> seth: so, it's like the complete opposite of how fun it was to watch. how depressing and weird it was to do. >> super depressing, yeah. >> seth: so you were a lover and a practicer of improv. you were an improv comedy fan. >> i was, yeah. >> seth: and so did you do it in high school? is that when you first got your start doing that? >> i started it in elementary school. >> seth: wow. >> in like grade four with french improv. >> seth: wow. >> which is very different
1:12 am
from -- you know, like long-form or short-form improv. >> seth: what is french improv like? >> there's like punishments in it. you get, like a punition if you like screw up. >> seth: oh, my gosh. >> there's like -- >> seth: that is the opposite of what i know of improv. >> it's so unsupportive. >> seth: like if you are bad, you have to leave and that is that. >> you are banished to the corner. >> seth: so think very carefully about the next thing you make up off the top of your head. [ light laughter ] >> little children. exactly. but i was part of a long-form improv company after high school. >> seth: okay. and so that was like a professional improv company. >> yes. >> seth: and so you're -- but you're very young when you start doing that? >> i was like 18 and they were all like 24, which meant they were like 50 years old to me. >> seth: sure, sure. >> and they were my idols. >> seth: and again, i think that would be -- there are times like when i first started improvising, there were times that i would get on stage with people who were the people i had watched. >> yeah. >> seth: and it was very hard to improvise when you're with heroes. >> it was hard to just hang out with these people. on our first -- like we went on a road trip, the very first time i was with them, across canada. a 17-hour road tri
1:13 am
and i pretended to sleep the whole way. [ light laughter ] because i was like, "i can't socially deal with this. so i'm just going to like pass out." >> seth: they might have thought you had died, right? >> yes. [ light laughter ] >> seth: like 17 hours. >> a lot of prodding. yeah. >> seth: this new kid might be a problem. [ light laughter ] well, congratulations on everything. it's always so lovely to see you. the show is fantastic. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: please come back again soon. >> thank you. >> seth: tatiana maslany, everybody. "orphan black" airs thursday nights on bbc america. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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and free hot breakfast.i but our best amenity is samantha. free wi-fi, free hot breakfast and free smiles. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late
1:18 am
you know, when i watch a tv show, i don't know about you guys, but when i watch a tv show, i watch it all the way to the end because i like to see the closing credits. i like to see who worked on the production. and it turns out some shows have some surprising credits you may not have noticed. we're going to take a look at some of them now in a segment we call "hidden credits." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: let's get started. first up, you've probably seen anthony bourdain's show where he travels the world eating local delicacies, "parts unknown." and he definitely couldn't do "parts unknown" without this right there, "catering -- unknown parts." [ laughter ] next up, the critically-acclaimed show "jane the virgin," and i have to say i'm surprised to see this in the credits right here. "virginity consultant -- frank." [ laughter ] and we actually have a photo of frank. oh, there you go, okay. makes a lot of sense. [ applause ] next up, every monday, millions of people watch "the bachelorette."
1:19 am
expect to see in the credits right there. "candles provided by kendall's candles of glendale." [ laughter ] a lot of candles on that show. and i'm also happy to say kendall's candles of glendale is now a sponsor of our show as well. need to get your handles on a candle? come to kendall's candles of glendale. they'll have your candle craving covered in the wick of time. who is the nation's number one provider of candles? it's kendall's candles in a blowout. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ light laughter ] next up, one of the most popular shows on television, "teen mom 2." i wouldn't have known this if i didn't see in the credits right there. "created by state-mandated abstinence education." [ light laughter ] [ laughter ] "blue bloods" is a very popular cop show over on cbs. i'm an avid viewer, but i only just noticed this right here.
1:20 am
tom selleck's mustache, heather doherty." heather packs up all the mustache's dry cleaning and also does some light faxing. there's no bigger show on television than "game of thrones," and this probably shouldn't have been too surprising right here. there it is -- "bathroom breaks provided by sam and gilly scenes." [ light laughter ] at least they're honest about it. [ light laughter ] "this is my house." oh, it's lovely." [ laughter ] "the room i grew up in." even the nba playoffs have closing credits and here's someone integral to the broadcast right there. "dejected fan finder -- robin reasoner." let's see robin at work. and there we go, come on, robin, you can do it. there it is. [ laughter ] great work as always, robin. one of the greatest shows on television is still "60 minutes," and it turns out this guy was instrumental in the production right there. there it is -- "ticking clock voice over artist dwight kruger."
1:21 am
in the "60 minutes" opening is done by famed voice over artist dwight kruger, and this is pretty cool. we actually have some footage of dwight live at work behind the scenes in the "60 minutes" sound booth. let's take a look. [ clears throat ] [ 60 minutes clock ] [ laughter ] >> i mean, that was perfect. [ light laughter ] and that's a wrap, right? that's a wrap on me? let's do lunch. but you're buying. you mother [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> seth: cool it, dwight. finally, we got the showtime series "masters of sex," but have you ever noticed this in the closing credits? there it is -- "inspired by yo mama." [ laughter ] that was "hidden credits." we'll be right back with chuck klosterman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a journalist, critic, and best-selling author of books like "sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs." his latest book, "but what if we're wrong?: thinking about the present as if it were the past", is in stores tuesday. please welcome to the show chuck klosterman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome. >> great to be here. >> seth: let's get this out of the way, that i've not been holding the book incorrectly. >> you have not. >> seth: so though is how you wanted the book. and was this a tough sell to your publisher to do an upside down book? >> well, okay, when you write a book and they come up with the cover, you're like, "i don't have any ideas for this. somebody else has ideas." >> seth: right. >> and they bring you five or six prototypes. and they show the five and then this was the last one.
1:28 am
and the design guy was like, "this is the cover we want to use." you know? and some people, like my editor, was like, "i love it." and my agent was like, "oh, i don't know." and all the people in the room had differing opinions. and i was basically like, "well, what's the track record of upside down books? like have they succeeded in the past?" because i don't care about the cover. i write the inside part. so we thought, "that's a good question." and as it turns out, we could not find one other example. >> seth: this is the first upside down book? >> there are books where the title is upside down or the image is upside down, but never the whole thing. so then i was like, well, now we must do it. [ light laughter ] like, if it's never been done -- >> seth: right. >> -- we have to see what will happen. >> seth: it's rare in this life to be the first person to do something like this. >> i still don't believe i am. but we can't find the other examples. >> seth: you can't find it. and no one is coming forward. so this book is interesting in that you are basically saying that throughout history we have realized that what people thought in the past is now proven t w
1:29 am
will be proven to be wrong as well? how did you -- how did you come to wanting to write about this idea? >> i think -- well, the short answer is just, like, being weird, i think. [ laughter ] and like always thinking about things that are impossible to know. but the more kind of pragmatic answer is that i watch a lot of science programming. like i was watching when they did the reboot of "cosmos" on fox. so i'm watching that, and the most interesting parts to me were when they would talk about some kind of arcane, forgotten scientist from the 1500s, and he had some idea or some observation or learned something. everybody in the world had thought one thing, this guy comes up with the idea, and within one generation, it was as if this is what we had always believed, that there has never been a time when we did not know this. and i thought, well, that must be happening all the time and it's just not visible to us, right? because we're in the system. and then around the same time i was reading about "moby dick." i must admit i was not actually reading "moby dick." >> seth: right. >> but i was reading about it.
1:30 am
and how this was -- you know, herman melville, the author, believed this was going to be his master work and his defining thing. and then it came out and it got mixed reviews and didn't sell that well. kind of ruined his life and he became an alcoholic and he died. but then after world war i there was a rediscovery of the book. and not just like, "this is okay." it's like, "this is the book." this is the -- you know,so i thought, well, okay, the science stuff is objective truth. and the idea of a novel being rediscovered, that's like a subjective opinion about art. but in both case it seems as though we can't really gauge reality as reality is happening. you can't look at the present the way you look at history. so that's what i'm trying to do. like i'm trying to use sort of the criteria and motives we use for looking backwards on the present day. >> seth: you also take on the idea of gravity, which i think everybody would agree we've figured out gravity now. but you're saying maybe what we know about gravity -- >> see, that's what i thought, too. and one of the
1:31 am
interviewed was like brian green, who is a scientist at columbia. he's been on "the big bang theory." he's kind of a celebrity scientist. >> seth: yeah. >> well, i go in there and what i always would tell the people when i interviewed them, all across all the disciplines, well, i'm not trying to contradict what you -- like your view of reality, because i probably have that view, too. i'm just wondering what's the possibility that we're wrong about this? like, for example, i know some things are stable. like gravity, for example. and then he was like, "well, no, it's not. in 500 years we might think of gravity totally differently." so then i thought, "well this book might work." [ laughter ] like if the thing i'm using as the example of the unchangeable idea as like my first thing i'm bringing up to basically say i'm not insane and he's like, "well, you're insane if you think that." i was like, well, this is a good idea maybe. >> seth: there you go. and what about -- i know you're -- >> it's a weird theory, i guess. >> seth: you're on -- you go to college campuses a lot. what do you -- what is the advice you give young writer
1:32 am
you all the time -- advice. >> yeah, well, a lot of times young writers, they want to know about the writing process. they seem to think if you tell them the process you use, that that will be the key to writing things. and i always wonder like, could i say anything? >> seth: oh, that's interesting. >> like if i said, "well, like most writers, i get up in the morning and i listen to side one of 'master of puppets' and i look at pictures of toucans on the internet. [ laughter ] then smoke three cigarettes, then go to the window and punch it. and if it cracks, i start writing." [ light laughter ] but instead, i don't really -- like my style is kind of no style. i just sit down and do it. >> seth: yeah. now, what about -- because of your take on pop culture, what is your take -- again, i feel like this is something in a hundred years from now, i would love to know what people are going to think about donald trump. what is your current take off of him? do you think he's playing the media perfectly? >> whenever these like -- le
1:33 am
like to say things like, "oh, you know, citizens see politics just like entertainment now. they see no difference between those two ideas." but when people say that, they don't usually mean it. >> seth: right. >> it's sort of like an example they're using to point out some small thing that seems crazy. but it seems like this has actually happened. >> seth: yeah. >> because over and over again trump keeps doing these things that cause people who follow politics to say, "well, this is it. this is the thing that will kill him." and it never does. it just kind of keeps going. although i am curious. like, do you think that there is some percentage of the populous who doesn't really support him, but they're kind of acting as they do just so they're like, "let's see what happens here?" >> seth: yeah. >> like they're just curious to see -- >> seth: well i think -- i also think on the phone if a pollster says, "who are you voting for?" i think it must be very empowering to go, "donald trump." like i just think -- that almost is like you get to make a prank call where someone calls you. [ laughter and applause ] >> i suppose it's also like a protest vote.
1:34 am
>> seth: yeah. >> protesting everything. >> seth: yeah. >> about reality. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm kind of against all of it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> so let's like -- let's get it done or whatever. go forward. >> seth: well, i think it will be an interesting thing to see in this year and a hundred years from now as well. and the book's fascinating. thank you so much for being here. always a pleasure to see you. [ cheers and applause ] chuck klosterman, everybody. "but what if we're wrong?" am i doing it right? there it is. it's in book stores tuesday. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:35 am
1:36 am
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] seth: my thanks to jesse eisenberg, tatiana maslany, chuck klosterman, jon theodore and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up, everybody? carson daly here comin' at ya from 97.1 amp radio. my home away from home. here's the rundown t


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